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Hello! My name is Joe and I’d like to welcome you to my website.

Not long ago I began a quest to start replaying games from my childhood, as well as play those titles I had never conquered. What started as a series of Facebook posts and cold nights locked indoors keeping myself entertained evolved into a full-fledged bucket list with a plethora of reviews.

I’ll warn you upfront: I’m not a professional gamer. What you’ll find here is a couch potato’s review of the games I’ve played, along with a way to keep tabs on what I’m up to next.

I hope you enjoy my site. Take a look around and be sure to check back often as I tackle more titles.

Recent Reviews

NES Play Action Football

NES Play Action Football

Hot on the heels of reviewing Madden NFL ’94, which introduced many of the staples of the Madden series still in use to this day (and the first to use an NFL license) I wanted to rewind to simpler times when another football game was groundbreaking with a lot of …

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Madden NFL '94

Madden NFL ’94

For how groundbreaking John Madden Football ’93 was, it’s amazing how much of a leap this series takes when jumping one year and also between platforms (from the Sega Genesis to the Super Nintendo). It starts right as the game loads with the famous EA Sports “It’s In The Game” …

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John Madden Football '93

John Madden Football ’93

I wish I could cover every single version of John Madden Football that exists, but that would fill this website with a lot of repeat information. Instead, I decided to jump around to different versions of Madden, mainly those that are anomalies or the ones I was accustomed to playing …

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