I like to play

Hello! My name is Joe and I’d like to welcome you to my website.

Not long ago I began a quest to start replaying games from my childhood, as well as play those titles I had never conquered. What started as a series of Facebook posts and cold nights locked indoors keeping myself entertained evolved into a full-fledged bucket list with a plethora of reviews.

I’ll warn you upfront: I’m not a professional gamer. What you’ll find here is a couch potato’s review of the games I’ve played, along with a way to keep tabs on what I’m up to next.

I hope you enjoy my site. Take a look around and be sure to check back often as I tackle more titles.

Recent Reviews

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

When Darkstalkers first dropped in arcades around 1994, I was mesmerized. In 1996, it would get a proper port to Sony’s PlayStation. Originally, I was a huge fan of Street Fighter II, so imagine when I saw Capcom taking the same engine and beefing up the game ten-fold. Darkstalkers introduced …

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Primal Rage

A friend recently reminded me of another Atari fighting game after reviewing Pit Fighter and I wish I could say my rosy memories of this one held up. Primal Rage was Atari’s answer to the fighting game boom of the early-to-mid 90’s. The story revolved around prehistoric creatures doing battle …

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Virtua Fighter

You cannot mention groundbreaking video games without bringing up Sega’s Virtua Fighter. Arcade goers were wowed by the first video game to fully feature 3-D polygonal graphics back in 1993. The game was considered one of the top arcade cabinets of the year and generated high review scores from a …

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