How I Rate Games

What once started as wanting to complete a handful of games I hadn’t played in awhile or completed when I was younger has turned into a full-fledged blog. As such, I never had any real plans to rate any of these games, so here’s what I came up with instead.

First of all, you won’t find any ratings for graphics or sound. I mean, I’m playing 8-bit games in some cases: we know what we’re dealing with on the Game Boy too!

Yes, I’ll comment on that stuff, but I’m more or less going for nostalgia here. I have two metrics: I try to complete the games I can. If the game is buggy, stupid difficult, or flat-out boring, then it may receive a spot on my “blacklist”.

Others may not have a definite ending and are simply “incomplete”. Sorry, I don’t have enough time, nor the desire to play 256 levels of Pac-Man or defeat every iteration of Street Fighter II with each character! (It is what it is!)

On the other hand, there are the games I complete too. And yes, I do finish them. I may use a combination of emulators, cheats, or save states, but I get there. My only goal is to see as much of the game as possible then move on.

Once I’m past that, I’ll give the games a thumbs up, thumbs down, or just a middle of the road “meh” if I wasn’t overly impressed.

If for some reason my ratings offend you… well too bad! You may comment your displeasure in my review but it won’t likely change my mind.

After all, this is called “Joe’s Retro Gaming” for a reason.