The World Is Not Enough
  • Console: Nintendo 64
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Joe's Status: Completed

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The World Is Not Enough

by Retro Joe ( JoesRetroGaming)

I have to make some apologies for what I said about this game in other 007 reviews: it’s much better than I remember it being.

That said, the story mode is what really makes the game shine, as multiplayer didn’t hold a candle to Goldeneye or some of the follow-up games on the PlayStation 2 (such as Agent Under Fire). However, that’s no reason to skip on EA’s James Bond movie tie-in, as without Goldeneye stealing the spotlight for both a great FPS and credible movie licensed game, this one may have been more fondly remembered.

The controls are a bit funky to get used to, as is the off-centered, nearly “in the corner” gun view, but the rest of the game actually looks more realistic than Goldeneye did, following the same script as its movie namesake.

Also bare in mind, this is not the same game which shared the same name and movie tie-in on the PSX.

The visual style of the game differs from others in the Bond series slightly, but it’s a smooth experience with a lot of the other 007 effects left in place (including tons of gadgets used to complete obstacles). Seeing bullets fly from the weapons was also a nice touch which wasn’t often seen (or as detailed) in other games released at that time.

A wide variety of weapons are also at your disposal, including a harpoon gun!

Overall, the game differentiates itself enough from Goldeneye and other EA published 007 games that it stands on its own and should be a title played by Bond fans who are looking for a retro, FPS fix.

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